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HydroJoule, LLC
35 Moss Rd
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HydroJoule, LLC is an advanced technology company developing intellectual property, innovative technology and service products in the areas of biomedical research, water resources, energy resources, informatics and software devlopment.

Utilergy Co. (TM) is a company within HydroJoule, offering service products in the areas of useful energy technologies, energy resource modeling and alternative energy resource evaluation (including thermodynamic efficiency, total energy accounting, and carbon and climate impact evaluations).

kwiKBio (TM) is a new project focused on helping doctors and scientists accelerate the pace of biomedical research, with hypothesis-generation tools and on-the-fly budgeting, selection and service-contracting in an e-commerce setting.

We are ready to assist you in many areas of science, business, law and technology development.

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