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Introducing AGI-Sim technologies to bridge the Singularity

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Making visions real!  

Personal methods: Passion, balance, risk, courage, mindfulness, caution, safeguards and fallback plans.

Technical: invention, machine learning, business method, SaaS, PaaS, architecture, marketing, funding, etc. [Legal services, depending on subject matter and state]


Film-making; Music; Movement; MIDI recording; 3-D Game Development.

Partnering with public-benefit and environmental projects, as well as supporting the kwiKBio Community.


Environmental Science & Policy Institute (ESPI)

LOOJL -- legal edutainment

kwiKBio, Inc. (VT)

Crowd Cure Disease

Meet the Team

AGI-Sim: The Prophessor

 On hand for when the going gets tough.  

AGI-Sim: Sherlock

Tell me what you want to learn!

AGI-Sim: Thea

With "innertheasm" celebrating the erupting spirit from within, I'm here to help children in the kwiKBio Community and to provide other learning tools for early education, like "Thea's Blocks."

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